Piling Rig Fleet
We have a fleet of the latest Soilmec Piling Rigs, which includes the SR75, SF65, SF50, SR45 and SR30

Piling Rigs
Rock & Alluvium work on a wide variety of contracts which require the latest piling rig plant. We currently operate a modern fleet of fully-computerised Soilmec Rigs, which includes the SR75, SF65, SF50, SR45 and SR30.
All of our piling rigs require an engineer designed working piling mat platform. Please contact us if you need Rock & Alluvium to undertake the Working Platform Design.
SR75 has an operating weight of 83 Tonnes and installs 1200mm diameter piles to 28m.
SF65 is an evolution over the existing rigs and weighs 53 Tonnes.
SF50 has a nominal torque of 90kNm and weighs 39 Tonnes.

SR45 allows for pile diameters up to 900mm to a maximum depth of 25m, and weighs in at under 42T.
SR30 can do CFA piling or Rotary piling with pile depths to 34m and pile diameters up to 1200mm.

Piling Rig SR75 SF50 SF65 SR45 SR30
Rig Weight 83T 39T 53T 42T 40T
Rig Height (Operating) 28787 28091 29940 19371 22625
Rig Width (Operating) 4330 4000 4400 3750 3700
Max. Pile Depth 28m 25m 28m 25m 34m
Pile Diameters 450mm- 1200mm 300mm- 750mm 450mm- 1000mm 450mm- 900mm 450mm- 1200mm

Soilmec SR45

Soilmec SR75

Soilmec SF65

Soilmec SF50

Soilmec SR30

Working Platforms
To ensure the safety of our plant and crew and maintain a safe working environment, each of our Piling Rigs requires a Working Platform Design and signed Certificate to be used on site.

Rock & Alluvium offer a working platform design service if required. Please contact our Estimating Department to discuss this further.

Please find below a copy of the standard Working Platform Certificate we issue with all our tenders. This includes Piling Rig loadings and Guidance on Piling Platforms.

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